The Chalk Giraffe

A little girl’s imagination springs to life when the chalk giraffe she drew on the pavement begins talking to her. But then the fickle giraffe begins making demands, and the girl must draw surroundings to fulfill his requests…a tree, soft grass, and animal friends. But nothing seems to please him! This delightful rhyming story escalates until the girl draws a laughing giraffe companion that cheers up the grumpy giraffe at last.


What if your drawings magically came to life, only to prove rather demanding art critics? Oh, the hassle!

In The Chalk Giraffe we follow an artistic child who finds herself drawing a giraffe with chalk… but she is surprised when her creation comes alive and demands changes to his surrounding landscape. What follows is a quirky and humorous tale of creativity and perspective, with the beautiful African landscape as a backdrop to this new and unlikely friendship.

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Megan Lötter




IBBY Honour List

Award Nominated for

EB IBBY SA Picture Book Illustrator Award 2019


Imagnary House