IBBY Honour List

Every two years, each of the international IBBY chapters is invited to nominate one writer, illustrator and translator of exceptional books in their country’s official languages published during the period to the IBBY Honours List.

The chosen books are presented at the IBBY Congress, after which seven sets of the books are exhibited around the world at conferences and book fairs.

Permanent collections are housed at the International Youth Library in Munich, the Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media in Zurich, Bibiana Research Collection in Bratislava, IBBY in Tokyo and Northwestern University Library in Illinois.

South Africa was admitted to membership of IBBY in February 1992, and the first South African books were submitted for the 1994 Congress in Seville.

Nomination Process

IBBY SA asks all of its members to submit books for adjudication by filling in a ‘Best-Book Box’ every three months.

The final adjudication of the single book in each category is presided over by Lona Gericke (former Children’s Librarian at the Bellville Public Library, former member of the Hans Andersen Award Jury, and former Vice Chairperson of IBBY SA).

List of Winners 1994 – 2018